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Nails are a very special part of our beauty because even when we’re not wearing makeup or our finest outfits, even when our hair is not at its best, our nails still make a striking statement of elegance!

Well cared-for, perfect nails are the mark of a competent, confident, healthy woman, so we should never neglect them!

At chic nails & beauty we provide you a big variety of amazing colours and collections of two exclusive brands: O.P.I. and CUPIO, for all the tastes, seasons or moods!

Book your appointment now at chic nails & beauty for a lovely Gellack manicure which will last until the next refill!

„ The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.“

Coco Chanel

+41 44 261 02 00
Stüssihofstatt 14
8001 Zürich, Switzerland