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Gel-lack removal at home:                                                                                         

Without O.P.I expert touch lacquer remover

You likely already have many (if not all) of the tools                                                      

needed to do the removal of the gel-lack at home.

  • Aluminium foil x10 squares;
  • Cosmetic cotton pads, cut in small sections that can cover the whole nail;
  • 100% acetone or soak-off remover (or acetone-based nail polish remover)
  • A cuticle pusher or a wooden cuticle stick
  • A nail buffer
  • Additionally, a nail & cuticle oil and a nail strengthening polish (to be applied only after 2 days from the removal).

Step 1: Mattify the surface of surface of the gel-lack the topcoat) with a nail buffer

This step helps for a fast soaking of the material – gel-lack, so the acetone doesn’t stay too long in contact with your nails and skin, reducing the risk of dehydration and exfoliation.

Step 2: Become a wrap artist!

Once you’ve buffed away the topcoat on all 10 nails, we recommend you working on one hand at a time, otherwise the removal of the remained shellac on the nails with the wooden stick, while having your fingers wrapped in aluminium foil, will make the process more difficult. Start pouring the remover onto cotton section, then immediately place it on your fingernail. Next, tightly wrap over the top of the finger nail the aluminum foil to cover the cotton section, then repeat on the other four digits. Acetone evaporates, so air will slow down the soaking process. That’s why the tighter you can wrap, the quicker the shellac will shrink and lift.

Step 3: Let the gel-lack soak for 15 min.

As not all the brands are using the same formula in producing their nail lacks, gel-lacks, the soaking time can vary from brand to brand.

We recommend to wait for 15 min for the soaking. Afterwards, you can slowly pull away the foil and check if the product came off. If it didn’t, place the foil back and soak for 5 more minutes.

Step 4: Remove foils, gently scrape away the gel-lack and buff it away, lady!

Working one finger at a time, remove the foil using a light pressure and twisting motion and, with a cuticle pusher or wooden cuticle stick, gently scrape the gel-lack from the nail. Push from the cuticle area to the free edges! Do not insist to hard by pushing the rests with the tool, on the nail surfaces. If they are some remained gel-lack spots, you can gently buff them with the buffer.

Step 5: Show them love!

You should always hydrate your nails and cuticles, but it’s even more important after you’ve removed your gel-lack manicure. We recommend you using cuticle oil right after the removal, apply it on the nails and cuticles with circular massage movements. If you don’t have a nail oil, you can as well use olive oil (well known as a strengthener for nails) or coconut oil (known as nail growth and a great cuticle moisturizer).

Sensitive nails after removal or not, our nails are naturally dry, so it’s less about hydrating them with cuticle oil and more about giving them flexibly, so they don’t break or crack. If you feel weird without gel-lack, you can top your nails with a strengthening product. CUPIO rich nail cream or OPI Nail Envy are two of the products that we recommend to be applied after gel and gel-lack removal. They fortify your nails with hydrolyzed wheat protein, honey, almond oil, vitamin A, vitamin E and calcium.

* If you don’t have the necessaries for your gel-lack manicure removal, you can purchase the O.P.I expert touch lacquer remover and the CUPIO and O.P.I nail care Products, by writing us on Instagram or at and we will ship it to you, depending on our stock.

Paraffin wax treatment

It’s a beauty cure for softening and moisturizing your hand skin using melted paraffin wax.

The intense heat makes the absorption of emollients and essential oils to be especially profound. Paraffin wax can be heated to high temperatures, without burning or maltreatment of your skin!

The paraffin wax is infused with various botanical ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile, or tea tree oil, and fruit waxes such as apple, peach, and strawberry. After this fine delight, your hands will glow and your skin will gain a velvety look!

Book your appointment now at CHIC by Alina Velica and let your hands recommend you!

Kart Pedicure treatment

No matter if warm or cold season, your feet deserved to be pampered and treated the right way. We want to keep our lovely clients beautiful & happy, with healthy beauty treatments, from head to toes, so we are happy to announce that at CHIC we are also offering the Kart-Professional Pedicure.

The Kart Pedicure Products are composing a unique line of professional preparations, destined for high-quality care, for the feel, and nail plate, but also destined to solve many problems: extremely dry and rough foot skin, hyperkeratosis, cracks, hyperhidrosis, calluses, extremely dry skin. They are suitable for all existing pedicure techniques.

The composition includes natural ingredients: fruit acids & enzymes, essential oils & herbal extracts, as well as vitamins.

The treatment that you will receive, the duration and the products used – are going to be tailored according to your needs and your skin problem.

Book an appointment at CHIC for a Kart Pedicure and enjoy a soft baby skin, not only during the summer, but all year long.

Hand is dipped in the paraffin wax bath.
Hand is dipped in the paraffin wax bath.

Hot oil manicure

A hot oil manicure is a specific type of manicure that cleanses your nails cuticles and softens them with oil. For very thin nails, we recommend you to use olive oil, which helps your nails recover quickly!

This manicure treatment can be done easily at home, but only if you wear your natural nails!

The steps of this smooth and pleasant treatment, and more tips about beauty care, are at your disposal at CHIC by Alina Velica, where our specialists will take care of your beauty!

Hands get a hot oil manicure.