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About us

My name is ALINA M. VELICA and I’m the best friend of your beauty, especially: nails, eyebrows and eyelashes! I have plenty of experience in the beauty industry as a Nail Artist, Brow & Lash Artist!

I apply my knowledge achieved through numerous specialised courses, by highlighting your beauty! Inspired by my passion, I am dedicated to provide you THE SUPREME beauty service you deserve! I have the highest expectations of myself and the service we deliver.

Courses & qualifications:

  • Manicurist – Pedicurist cours organised by “Academy of Make-up, Nails and Beauty Professional Giulia”
  • Nail Prothesist – Stylist cours organised by “Exclusive Beauty Line”
  • Nail Artist cours organised by “Russian Academy of Nail Design”, “Gel Design & Artistic paint” section
  • Improvement Gel skills and techniques cours organised by “Beauty Publishing”
  • 3 Extreme Shapes cours organised by “Beauty Publishing”
  • Improvement Gel skills and filing cours organised by “Charisma Nail Innovations”
  • Lash Stylist course organised by “ILashes school”
  • Profi-Seminar for Eyelash extension Russian Volume XD
  • Profesional Eyebrow shaping and Microblading by Elis Teodorescu
  • National Educator Gel System by Fantasy Nails Europe

” You serve the best by doing what you love the most.”

Maria Bello

+41 44 261 02 00
Stüssihofstatt 14
8001 Zürich, Switzerland